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Webinar: The interplay of the Medical Device Regulation, AI and data protection in medical technology

Published 28 May 2024 by Dr. Oliver Stöckel SKW Schwarz, Germany

In the dynamic world of medical technology, it is essential to always be aware of the latest regulatory requirements. The introduction of the AI Act poses new legal challenges for medtech companies when using AI.

In addition, the requirements of the MDR and data protection must still be complied with, particularly with regard to the handling of sensitive health data. But how exactly does the “magic triangle” of MDR, AI Act and data protection work in medical technology?

Using practical examples we will answer this question and would like to invite you to our free webinar (in German language):

“The interplay of the Medical Device Regulation, AI and data protection in medical technology”
on Thursday, June 13, 2024
from 12:30 – 13:30
via MS Teams

Register for free today and benefit from our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of digital health: to the registration

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EU Court of Justice: Parallel importer may not remove PPP batch number

Published 22 January 2024 by Philippe de Jong ALTIUS Lawyers, Belgium

This blog post mainly focuses on the CJEU’s findings regarding the responsibility of parallel importers for ensuring the display of the original batch number on the product packaging.

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Three changes in Belgian food law in 2023

Published 08 January 2024 by Philippe de Jong ALTIUS Lawyers, Belgium

Food law is extensively harmonized throughout the EU, but national law still has a role to play. In this short article, we look at three developments in Belgian food law that have taken place in 2023: the amendments to the Food Safety Agency’s administrative fining regime, the introduction of nutrivigilance, and the announced revision of the food hygiene legislation.

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Belgian Medicines Agency announces stricter monitoring of negative formulations on medicines packaging

Published 14 June 2023 by Kirian Claeyé ALTIUS Lawyers, Belgium

On 17 May 2023, the Belgian Medicines Agency (FAMHP) announced that marketing authorisation holders (MAHs) have three years to comply with the prohibition of “negative formulations” on the packaging of medicinal products for human use. Such negative formulations include “gluten-free”, “lactose-free”, “ethanol-free” or “no colourings”. Apart from limited exceptions, MAHs will therefore need to remove such negative formulations from their current future packaging by 17 May 2026, and non-compliant formulations will be rejected.

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Who owns IP in Research & Development? – Israel

Published 01 August 2016 by Yuval Horn Horn & Co. Law Offices, Israël

With a special focus on university joint ventures. Who owns IP research & development? From the point of view of the employer or principal which (contractual) precautions have to be taken? Current trends and particularities in university joint ventures?

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