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Passionate lawyers in Life Sciences

The network was founded in 2004 and currently consists of 19 carefully-chosen law firms, selected on the basis of their strength in the life sciences sector.

All Biolegis’ members have an in-depth understanding of the demanding quality standards of the life science sector and meet regularly to share insights and to continuously improve their sector specific know-how. In this way the network unites and connects a unique team of lawyers with a passion for life sciences borne of many years of experience in their home jurisdictions and with an appreciation of the issues affecting the sector across Europe.

Biolegis is unmatched in providing a broad network of independent law firms with such sector-specific understanding within the life science field. This expertise enables life sciences companies and investors to quickly obtain legal advice from lawyers who know the market, either concerning a specific jurisdiction or in a multi-jurisdictional context.

The network’s strength lies in the local expertise of its members and their shared experience from regularly working together. It is always local specialists that deliver the advice. Clients can therefore be confident when working with a Biolegis team in multinational matters that it will deliver both the required local expertise and the seamless experience typically sought from working with a single law firm.

In practice, the client can simply contact the Biolegis firm in its country of choice, which will then organize the multinational advice needed by working with its Biolegis partners in other jurisdictions. Thus there will be one point of contact; which ensures consistency and efficiency.

The Biolegis network ensures a consistently first class service delivered by local lawyers specialized in life science.

Biolegis members are their clients’ trusted legal advisers in a number of legal fields including:

  • Corporate finance, private equity, IPO;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Intellectual property protection and enforcement;
  • Research and development agreements;
  • Clinical trial agreements;
  • Licensing agreements;
  • EU and national regulatory law;
  • Product and sales regulations;
  • Environmental regulations;
  • Employment law;
  • Mass tort and product liability;
  • Litigation.

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