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Changes in the law on marketing of veterinary medicines: what you need to know

Published 06 February 2024 by Christophe Ronse ALTIUS Lawyers, Belgium

Belgium is welcoming a significant development in the field of veterinary medicine law. The Act of 11 July 2023 containing various provisions on health, which entered into force on 8 September 2023, introduces changes across a wide spectrum of healthcare domains, which are encompassed in approximately 20 chapters. In this blog post, we provide an overview of the key changes related to the marketing of veterinary medicines set out in Chapters 4 and 14 of the new Law.

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EU Court of Justice: Parallel importer may not remove PPP batch number

Published 22 January 2024 by Philippe de Jong ALTIUS Lawyers, Belgium

This blog post mainly focuses on the CJEU’s findings regarding the responsibility of parallel importers for ensuring the display of the original batch number on the product packaging.

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Three changes in Belgian food law in 2023

Published 08 January 2024 by Philippe de Jong ALTIUS Lawyers, Belgium

Food law is extensively harmonized throughout the EU, but national law still has a role to play. In this short article, we look at three developments in Belgian food law that have taken place in 2023: the amendments to the Food Safety Agency’s administrative fining regime, the introduction of nutrivigilance, and the announced revision of the food hygiene legislation.

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The 5 major changes in Belgian pharma law of 2023

Published 21 December 2023 by Kirian Claeyé ALTIUS Lawyers, Belgium

Both the Belgian legislator and government have played an active role in 2023 when it comes to pharma legislation, which has led to a number of changes in the legal framework. In this article, we look back and discuss five noteworthy developments in Belgian pharma law.

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Belgium aims for hospitals to increase their biosimilars uptake

Published 30 November 2023 by Belgium aims for hospitals to increase their biosimilars uptake ALTIUS Lawyers, Belgium

Despite many initiatives by the (former) Minister of Health, the uptake of biosimilars in Belgium has remained rather low. In this blog, we summarise the new rules, which apply since 2 October 2023. 

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