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Case No C-473/22: Upcoming CJEU decision will regulate national liability regimes in PI proceedings

Published 26 October 2023 by Ben Rapinoja Borenius Attorneys Ltd, Finland

The Advocate General recently gave its opinion in the case No C-473/22 between Mylan AB (“Mylan”) and Gilead Sciences Finland Oy, Gilead Biopharmaceutics Ireland UC and Gilead Sciences Inc (“Gilead”).

The referral was made by the Finnish Market Court in proceedings concerning a claim for damages resulting from an unfounded preliminary injunction (“PI”) issued against Mylan. Under the Finnish system, the liability for such damages is deemed “strict”. In other words, the party that has enforced an unfounded PI is liable for any damages shown irrespective of other circumstances such as the level of care it has taken when evaluating the likelihood of infringement.

The case holds implications for all jurisdictions in the EU in which the same or similar strict liability regime is adopted into national law.

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